Apprenticeship in the Auto Glazing Industry

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The number of vehicles on the roads is growing, and every car, van, truck and 4X4 has a variety of glass components – windscreens, side windows, sunroofs, body glass, rear windows etc. There will always be a need for someone to repair or replace vehicle glass when damage happens. The auto glazing industry is therefore constantly on the lookout to increase the number of highly-skilled vehicle glass technicians available. Home grown talent is always the best, so if young men and women can be persuaded to join as apprentices, they can develop their individual skills as they learn on the job. The outcome will be an increase in fully-trained and certified technicians, able to continue to supply vital car and van glass services to private vehicle owners, as well as commercial operators and fleet hire companies.

Apprenticeship in the Auto Glazing Industry myWindscreen

Meet Omar

Omar is a young man from the Manchester area, who had finished school and completed a year at college. Omar was at the point in his life when he needed to make a career decision. He had always had an interest in cars, and decided that repairing and replacing windscreens and vehicle glass would be a good fit for both his capabilities and his interests. The question was, how to go about this. At this point, myWindscreen stepped in to help. We put Omar in touch with Maria and Michelle from the Automotive Glazing Academy (AGA), who are an organisation based in Essex. AGA works directly with recruiters to deliver a 3-year Automotive Glazing Apprenticeship course. On completing the course, an apprentice can gain an industry-recognised accreditation, plus National Vocational Qualifications such as a Level 2 or 3 NVQ 3 in Automotive Glazing.

Bridgewater Windscreens Stepped Up

The next step was for Omar to find a local company to take him on as an apprentice. We tried contacting some of the big nationals, but decided that a local independent company would be a better option for Omar, and so myWindscreen put out a call to the network of businesses local to the Manchester area. We were delighted that Andy and his partner Julie from Bridgewater Windscreens stepped up, and decided that they would like to take on and train Omar as their apprentice. Andy has 20 years’ experience in the industry, and therefore has a great deal to offer any apprentice lucky enough to be taken on.

Omar started his apprenticeship with Bridgewater Windscreens in October 2019 (just over 6 months ago) and he absolutely loves it! As Omar says; ‘thanks to Bridgewater Windscreens for making this apprenticeship possible, and thanks to myWindscreen for giving me a start on this new career.’

Apprenticeship in the Auto Glazing Industry myWindscreen

Earn While You Learn

If you are about to leave school or college, or you know someone who is in that position and has not yet decided on a future career, you might like to consider an apprenticeship in the auto glazing industry. Becoming an apprentice is a great way for young people to learn and to develop practical skills that they can use to build a great future for themselves. At the same time as they are gaining vital hands-on experience in their chosen field, they will be doing worthwhile work and earning some real wages.