Five Months to Replace a Windscreen?

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It’s the kind of story you never want to be personally involved in – it took a total of five months for a car owner from Hedon, a small Yorkshire town, to get a satisfactory replacement for a cracked windscreen. The problems began when 45 year old Jason Marshall bought himself a car, a Mini Cooper, which already had a chip in the windscreen. Being a sensible car owner, he decided to get the chip attended to before it propagated into something more major.

Mr Marshall (as reported in the Hull Daily Mail) arranged for a nationwide supplier and repairer of auto glass to come out to his vehicle and the windscreen technician assessed the chip, presumably decided it was small enough and not in a critical area of the windscreen, and therefore could be repaired. However, the repair was not successful and actually caused the chip to become a crack, and so a replacement windscreen became necessary. As with any repair, fixing a chipped windscreen carries a small risk that the results may not be totally satisfactory, so this situation did not really raise any cause for concern.

Replacement windscreen

A new windscreen was ordered, but took six long weeks to actually arrive, leaving Mr Marshall unable to drive his newly-purchased vehicle. The new screen was finally fitted, but then the windscreen wipers became inoperative. The company ordered yet another new windscreen, and Mr Marshall found himself with a car that he could only drive in dry weather when he did not need to use his windscreen wipers. The second new windscreen finally arrived and was fitted, but still the wipers refused to work, and it was not apparent why not.

Mr Marshall took his Mini Cooper to a BMW dealer to try to solve the problem. The BMW garage examined the car, but stated that they could not fix the problem. They said that as the fault had been induced by the windscreen company, they were responsible for carrying out the required repairs. By this time, Mr Marshall is quite naturally ‘fuming’ at the delays

Problem solved

It appears that the problem with the windscreen and the wipers has now been resolved, but the combination of slow windscreen delivery and fitting problems has caused the whole episode to drag on for a total of five months. A spokesperson for the windscreen company involved stated that they were sorry for the inconvenience. The delays had apparently been caused by difficulty in sourcing that particular type of original equipment manufacturer windscreen glass.

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