Mother’s Fury at Smashed Car Windscreen

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An Asda worker who earns just above the statutory minimum wage has been left furious by some yobs who smashed her car windscreen for no apparent reason other than simple vandalism. Amanda Cato, aged 56, hit the news when she wrote a note to the vandals, highlighting that what they had done had cost her a week’s worth of hard work just to pay for the repairs. She stuck the note, addressed to the vandals and pointing out the impact of their actions, under her windscreen wipers.

Ms Cato, a mother from Hull, Yorkshire, owns a Peugeot 306, which had been targeted by vandals a couple of weeks before her windscreen was smashed – during the earlier vandal attack, her wing mirrors had been damaged. A neighbour had also had their car set on fire a little while previously and there was so much damage on that occasion that there was broken glass being strewn around the neighbourhood.

In her note, Ms Cato pointed out that she works hard to earn £6.89 per hour in her job at Asda, it would take her a week to pay for the damage, and that she would have to ‘struggle’ for the next month after paying out for the repairs. She also said that she hoped they felt ‘big and proud’ after their night’s work. She now plans to install CCTV in order to catch any vandals in the act and hopefully deter future attacks.

Footprints on the Car Bonnet

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ms Cato reported that there had been a number of problems recently with high-speed motorbikes being ridden around at night, bad behaviour and bad language in the streets, and house and car windows being broken on several occasions. In the latest spate of vandalism to her car, she had found footprints on the bonnet, and it appeared that the miscreants had climbed over the car and kicked in the windscreen. These incidents had all been reported to police who had asked all residents to keep a diary of the problems in order to aid their investigations.

Vandalism is always upsetting, and it is no wonder Ms Cato is angry and frustrated by these mindless attacks on property and vehicles. Unfortunately, a parked car is an easy target for passing louts, so let’s hope that her note makes some of them feel ashamed with themselves, and that the CCTV has the desired effect. If your vehicle has been subject to an attack of vandalism leaving you in need of a car windscreen repair or other type of automotive glass repair or replacement, don’t forget you can call on themyWindscreen auto glaziers for a great value quote and a quick, professional repair.