What a Way to Damage Your Windscreen!

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I read an interesting news item recently which involved a man and a woman who were on a night out in Helston, a town in Cornwall. The evening degenerated, and they were apparently having some sort of an argument at close to 1am. As things began to get rather heated between them, the woman got into her car, a Mazda 323, and tried to drive away. This move enraged the man, who allegedly threw a punch at the car windscreen as the car was driving by, and the punch was hard enough to cause the windscreen to shatter.

Local police officers arrested the 25 year old man for alleged criminal damage, and he was later let out on bail. They have now put out a call for witnesses to the incident. You may be thinking that this was just another tacky incident after a late night out, but what surprised me about this story was that a punch could be delivered to a moving vehicle with such force as to shatter a car windscreen.

Yet more damaged vehicle glass

Trawling around the internet, I came across a couple of other incidents where a punch had shattered vehicle glass. The first involved a cyclist in Saltash (also in Cornwall interestingly enough) who had an argument with the driver of a car who objected to the cyclist apparently riding in the middle of the road. The cyclist punched the car windscreen in what was described as a fit of road rage, shattering it, and then rode off. The car driver tried to follow, but lost track of the cyclist who has not been traced.

The other incident I read about was yet another road rage attack, cause unknown, where a video of the event was posted on YouTube and has apparently been viewed over 50,000 times. This video shows a man punching and shattering the passenger side window of a car rather than the windscreen, after shouting abuse at the car driver who must have done something pretty bad to annoy his attacker so much.

Give your vehicle glass the best care

The point is that no vehicle glass is immune to damage, especially if it has already been weakened by a chip or a scratch, so if your vehicle windscreen or window glass is compromised in some way, it’s a good idea to get it repaired or replaced sooner rather than later. Why not ask a myWindscreen member to take a look at your vehicle glass? They can give you advice on the best way to either repair a chip or replace a windscreen quickly and efficiently, and it’s so easy to get a great value quote for the work.

Whether your car has been subjected to damage from a punch, or you simply need to get your car windscreen or windows repaired, you can’t go wrong when you call on a myWindscreen repair technician.