Windscreen scratch repair

A scratched windscreen is more than just a cosmetic problem – it can interfere with your vision while driving and can potentially weaken the windscreen and make it likely to crack. Typical causes of windscreen scratches are arcs caused by damaged wiper blades and hard objects glancing off the windscreen while driving.

Don’t be tempted to try to carry out a car windscreen scratch repair yourself with polish or an electric buffer, you can actually introduce more micro-scratches, and the heat from the buffer can crack the screen. It is also easy to underestimate the depth of the scratch, and removing too much glass from around it can cause an effect called ‘lensing’ which will ruin the windscreen. The only safe option is to get an expert, such as our fully-trained auto glaziers, to assess the problem and advise whether an auto windscreen scratch repair can be done, or if you need a windscreen replacement.

Car and other vehicle windscreen scratch repair services

We offer a cost-effective same day, 24 hour service, so if the scratch is repairable, our expert technicians will get to work to carry out a windscreen scratch repair without delay – we have all the tools, equipment and expertise to perform this tricky task. If you can’t get to the repair centre, or you’re pushed for time, use our mobile service, and one of our technicians will meet you at your home, your workplace, or any other suitable location to carry out the windscreen scratch repair in situ.

We don't only carry out car windscreen scratch repairs either, we provide vehicle glass repair or replacement on front or rear door, quarter and vent glass, plus rear windows on a whole variety of private and commercial vehicles too. So if your van / LGV, truck / HGV, motorhome, caravan, bus or coach has scratched glass, we can repair or replace it for you. The same goes for plant and agricultural vehicles, so why not contact us for a quote.

Get a quote – it’s free and there’s no obligation

To get a quote for a car windscreen scratch repair, scroll to the top of the page and fill in your vehicle type and your postcode, and you will find a list of local myWindscreen technicians who are just waiting to provide an excellent scratch repair service for your vehicle. No call centres, no waiting – we cover the whole of the UK, so either call the technician direct, or click on the ‘Request a repair quote’ button, and you will receive free, no-obligation quotes from the your chosen service providers.

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