About us

Who we are

myWindscreen® is an online service, giving rapid access to local, fast and affordable car and van windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements. The service was established in 2014 by Al Lijee, a technology entrepreneur - he set up the network after receiving poor service from one of the well-known brands. He believed he could change the way that people find and select a skilled, local auto glazier, and so myWindscreen was launched. Starting from a small base in Manchester, we now operate in every town and city in the UK. We are the number one online network in the UK, connecting those in need of professional windscreen services with local, highly skilled automotive glass technicians, and we do it on a scale that’s rather impressive.

Over 300 auto glaziers use our services to fill gaps in their schedules, grow their reputation and enable business expansion. Across our network, we have auto glaziers who specialise in all aspects of automotive glass; from windscreen repair and windscreen replacement to rear window and side glass replacement, and more.

1000’s of quotes are requested every month by people who simply want to connect with a professional automotive glass technician. Once the work has been done, we ask customers to post a review of their chosen auto glazier - it’s these genuine reviews that give other potential customers the confidence that they will be dealing with someone reliable.

Each auto glazier business has their own profile page which lists their reviews, and only genuine customers who have found an auto glazier through our site can leave a review. Requesting a quote is free - the auto glaziers pay us a small subscription fee to be featured on the site.

Our vision

To connect vehicle owners with professional, affordable auto glaziers for a same day service. We want to minimise the stress of booking an auto glazier. Finding a reliable technician should be easy, and everything we do is directed towards achieving that feeling. We work hard to prevent rogue operators from gaining access to our site, and we put the best car and van glass technicians in the spotlight - the ones who are reliable, skilled and trustworthy.

We want auto glaziers to have the confidence to grow their businesses, and take control of their workload. Whatever their ambitions, whether it’s to fill a few gaps in the diary, or if they want enough work to take on new staff - we’re there for them.

Operating model

We are a technology platform. We work with established, independent auto glaziers who are located across the UK. They have the option to undertake the work that we allocate to them, via our digital platform, at a rate to suit their proximity and available capacity. From our point of view, we are able to keep a close eye on service levels, track where the technicians are, and keep the end customers updated, all in real time.

Our operating model is unique, and it enables us to deliver reliable services and rapid responses. What’s more, our average miles travelled per job are a considerable improvement on the performance of the traditional (national) operators. We are using technology to make the most efficient use of existing infrastructure, without putting further strain on our congested roads. We’re also helping our local technicians (the auto glaziers) to grow and advance their businesses.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the number one choice for repairing or replacing glass on cars and vans (LGVs), based on our speed of operation, being simple to use, offering value for money and delivering peace of mind.