How it works for auto glaziers

Vehicle owners who are seeking windscreen repairs, windscreen replacements, or side or rear window replacements on their car or van, request quotes from our site. Our marketing efforts on behalf of the auto glaziers results in us getting over 100,000 job requests each year.

These quote requests are called ‘leads’, and each lead is an opportunity for you to contact a potential new customer, send them a quote, and win that job.

The only leads you will see will be based on your areas of expertise and the location in which you wish to operate - we won’t send you leads that are not relevant to you. You will need to sign up to access your leads

We charge a small monthly membership fee, and we charge a modest price for each lead.

Purchasing credits to buy leads...

Buying a lead gives you immediate access to the customer’s contact details, allowing you to get in touch, make the right impression, and submit your quote.

If the customer decides to accept your quote, you then make arrangements to deliver the required service.

Once the job is done and the customer is satisfied, they will be able to post a review on your profile page. Reviews are visible to all potential customers, and are useful in reassuring them that they are making the right choice in choosing you to do work for them.

Here’s what it costs

Membership is just £70 a month (includes VAT). It makes no difference whether you are a sole trader, a small, medium, or large business, we are here to make it work for you.

  • On average, each lead costs between £1 - £20. The cost depends on factors such as demand, location and the size of the job.
  • It’s a rolling monthly contract, which means you can decide if it’s working for you.
  • Each lead can only be bought by a maximum of 3 auto glaziers, so competition for leads is low.

Access 1,000's of leads each month, build your online reputation.

Consider us as your own marketing team

Auto Glaziers have traditionally relied upon entries in directories - a passive approach to marketing which can leave you out of pocket and sitting staring at the phone. Our way is better - it puts you in the driving seat. Our way means you can seek out leads as and when you need them, and control your workload.

We are tireless in pursuit of car and van drivers via online marketing. In order to get them to request quotes with us, we have worked hard to develop a great online presence with the big players such as Bing and Google. Any time a potential customer is looking for an auto glazier online, we always appear at the head of the results page, and this means we are developing leads for you.

There’s more - when our site appears at the top of Google search results, your very own myWindscreen profile page benefits too. Association with our site means your page will always rank higher than any small business site.

Accumulate reviews which are visible to all - it’s the best way to grow your online reputation, and to use your profile to demonstrate the high quality of your work.

We also regularly advertise via sponsorships, keeping us in the forefront of drivers’ minds.

We make running your business easier

We are there when you need us. Our goal is to free you from the burden of marketing your business, leaving you more time to get out on the road, generating precious revenue.

The myWindscreen app

Manage your myWindscreen presence via our app - we make it easy to collect and respond to leads, submit quotes, and keep your profile up to date on your phone. You will get lead alerts (no need to check, we will alert you the moment a new lead arrives), then you can send a quote to your potential customer through the app, or maybe you would prefer to phone them, text them or email them - you are always in touch.

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