Windscreen, side and rear window repair and replacement costs

Even if you drive really carefully, at some point in your car or van’s lifetime, you will suffer damage to your vehicle glass. With your windscreen, it’s probably a stone chip, damage from a piece of flying debris or a crack caused by hitting a pothole, it’s just one of those things that happens. For your side and rear windows, the problem is more likely to be damage caused by someone breaking into your car - thieves often choose to smash a side or rear window in order to get their hands on your property. Apart from the indignity of someone stealing your stuff, you have all the mess of broken glass to contend with too.

Your vehicle glass seems to be under constant threat from all sides, so it’s reassuring to know that the myWindscreen network of professional auto glaziers offers both a windscreen repair and a windscreen replacement service, and can come to you at home, at your office or at the roadside to deliver a same day or a next day service at affordable prices. What’s more, because our auto glaziers are all independent operators, they are able to offer cheaper prices, personalised and more user-friendly services than the big nationals.

No-obligation quotes

Date Vehicle Glazier Location Replacement Cost
26-10-2022 Vauxhall Insignia - 2009 - Petrol The Windscreen Company Ipswich Vent glass (rear, driver) £120.00
09-04-2022 Skoda Octavia Hatchback S TSI - 2010 - Petrol Auto Asylum Windscreens Birmingham Rear window £185.00
08-04-2022 Volkswagen Golf Estate SE TDI BLUEMOTION - 2012 - Diesel North West Windscreens Ormskirk Vent glass (rear, driver) £105.00
11-11-2021 Audi A3 Hatchback TFSI S LINE - 2014 - Petrol L&L Windscreens Chelmsford Windscreen £179.00
08-11-2021 Ford Tourneo Custom 310 TITANIUM TDCI - 2017 - Diesel A Class Windscreens Bradford Vent glass (front, passenger) £100.00
14-09-2021 Chevrolet Orlando - 2013 - Diesel Screentec Ltd Ellesmere Port Door glass (front, passenger) £125.00
06-09-2021 Skoda Octavia Hatchback S TDI - 2015 - Diesel Black Country Windscreens Coventry Door glass (rear, driver) £141.00
31-08-2021 Skoda Citigo Hatchback - 2018 - Petrol K D Windscreens Aberbargoed Windscreen £195.00
01-09-2020 Toyota Auris - 1.8 - 2012 - Petrol/Electric C Windscreen Ltd Southall Windscreen £205.00
23-04-2020 Mercedes M-Class - 3.2 - 2000 - Petrol GW Windscreens Cottingham Vent glass (rear, passenger) £95.00
19-02-2020 Seat Ibiza - 1.4 - 2008 - Petrol Pinnacle Windscreens Reading Windscreen £195.00
20-01-2020 Lotus Elise - 1.8 - 1997 - Petrol Black Country Windscreens Wolverhampton Windscreen £320.00
09-01-2020 Mini Cooper - 1.6 - 2004 - Petrol Roadside Windscreen Service Croydon Windscreen £155.00
18-11-2019 Toyota Prius - 1.8 - 2009 - Petrol / Electric A Class Windscreens Leeds Windscreen £250.00
15-10-2019 Dodge Caliber - 2.0 - 2006 - Diesel Bristol & Avon Windscreens Avonmouth Windscreen £175.00
01-09-2019 Jaguar F-PACE - 2.0 - 2019 - Diesel Luton Automotive Dunstable Windscreen £460.00
29-08-2019 Peugeot Partner (Van) - 1.6 - 2012 - Diesel Peterborough Windscreens Ltd Bourne Windscreen £145.00
23-08-2019 Seat Leon - 1.6 SX - 2004 - Petrol PG Glazing Ltd Maidstone Windscreen £145.00
19-08-2019 Peugeot Partner (Van) - 1.9 - 2002 - Diesel Gold Windscreens Ltd Ipswich Windscreen £150.00
29-07-2019 Vauxhall Zafira - 1.8 16V - 2003 - Petrol GW Windscreens Willerby Windscreen £145.00
27-07-2019 Seat Leon - 1.6 TDI SE - 2015 - Diesel Turbo Windscreens Kingswinford Windscreen £177.00
06-07-2019 Audi A3 - 2.0 TDI SE - 2009 - Diesel JP Windshields Hailsham Door glass (front, passenger) £145.00
27-05-2019 Vauxhall Mokka - 1.7 CDTi - 2014 - Diesel Bridgewater Windscreens Bolton Windscreen £235.00
14-05-2019 Ford Focus - 1.8TD - 2016 - Diesel Autoscreens Aylesbury Door glass (front, passenger) £155.39
29-03-2019 Volvo Xc70 Estate - 2.4 - 2006 - Diesel A Class Windscreens Manchester Windscreen £130.00
28-12-2018 Kia Picanto - 1.0 - 2006 - Petrol A Class Windscreens Manchester Rear window £155.00
05-07-2018 Ford Transit - 1.8 - 2008 - Diesel Vision Windscreens Ltd Uxbridge Windscreen £144.00
30-06-2018 Honda CR-V - 2.5 - 2009 - Diesel Autoscreen Ltd Loughborough Door glass (rear, passenger) £180.00
25-06-2018 Honda Jazz - 1.4 - 2003 - Petrol Black Country Windscreens Birmingham Door glass (front, driver) £110.00
19-06-2018 Volkswagen Golf - 1.6 - 2009 - Diesel Bristol & Avon Windscreens Bath Windscreen £149.00
16-06-2018 Vauxhall Combo - 1.3 - 2006 - Diesel Peterborough Windscreens Ltd Peterborough Windscreen £110.00

Why windscreen replacement costs vary

Any internet search for a ‘windscreen replacement near me’ (or similar search term) will return a bafflingly wide range of results. You will find significant differences in costs and the levels of repair service available. There is a good reason for this - the price of your windscreen repair or side window replacement will vary based on a number of factors:

The make, model and age of your vehicle

Different vehicles have different glass specifications, and some types of vehicle glass are easier to get hold of than others. For example, if your car or van is one of the more popular models, the auto glazier is more likely to have a piece of replacement glass in stock. If it’s something a bit rarer, such as a classic or vintage model, the glass may need to be ordered in from a specialist supplier. The same applies if your vehicle is a prestige vehicle where replacement glass can only be sourced from a dealership. The source of the glass has a big impact upon the cost that the glazier has to pay.

The type of glass supplied and fitted

If your car windscreen is ‘smart’ it stands to reason that the windscreen replacement cost will be a great deal higher than if it is a standard windscreen that needs to be replaced.

For ordinary windscreens, some of the auto glaziers will offer to source and supply different glazing options. They can provide an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ‘genuine’ windscreen (i.e. a direct replacement, made by the same manufacturer as the original). They can also supply an ‘aftermarket’ or equivalent windscreen (i.e. a windscreen that meets all the safety and quality standards but is made by another manufacturer), which will cost less than the OEM version. There are several different manufacturers / suppliers of windscreens, side and rear window glass, the major names include Laddaw, Master Auto Glass and Pilkington, and all their prices vary. The functionality of the OEM and the aftermarket glass will be the same, but the choice is yours as to whether you want to maintain your car to the original manufacturer’s standards.

Where you are located

If you are in an out-of-the-way place, prices will tend to be higher than if you are located in a populous area. We have myWindscreen members all across the UK, but there are naturally more mobile services available around towns and cities than in the more remote rural areas. The further the auto glazier has to travel to get to you, the higher costs will tend to be because of additional mileage costs. There will also be regional variations in costs because prices in general in the South of England tend to be higher than those in the North.

The type of service you need

If you need an urgent same day service, the price quoted may be higher than if you can wait for a next day service. This is down to the availability of the auto glazier, who may have to turn down other work to get to you in an emergency. If you are able to wait until next day, the glazier can probably schedule your job alongside other work.

Most of our myWindscreen network members have mobile services, and you will be pleased to know that they don’t charge a call-out fee provided you are located within the range of their operations.

Get yourself quotes before you commit

Because prices can vary so much, it’s always a good idea to request one or more quotes via myWindscreen. Quotes are free and no-obligation, and because we are a network rather than a large corporation, our members have the freedom to offer great deals. You may be surprised what you can achieve in relation to cost savings by comparing quotes. Getting a quote before-hand is a great way of avoiding any nasty surprises when you come to pay your bill.

Insurance or cash?

If you need your windscreen repairing, you may be assuming that the cost of the repair is covered by your car insurance. You need to check whether your policy has specific vehicle glass cover because if it hasn’t, you may be charged an excess and you could be putting your no claims discount at risk. Insurance companies can also insist on you getting your windscreen repaired through one of their authorised companies, which can cut down your choice when it comes to getting the repair done. Before you decide to claim back the windscreen repair cost, talk to a myWindscreen member, as in many cases they can actually complete the repair work for a lower cost than you would be asked to pay as an excess.

If you do decide to go for the insurance option, the auto glazier is often in a position to help you with your claim. Many of our members have arrangements with the big insurance companies and can handle the whole thing.

Our members are all independent auto glaziers, which gives them much more flexibility than the big national windscreen repair companies. They will go out of their way to give you a cheaper and better deal than you could get elsewhere, and you don’t have to pay in cash, most of our members can handle all the major debit and credit cards as well.

Average windscreen replacement costs

Because replacement prices vary so widely due to all the factors mentioned above, we have surveyed our members, and come up with this helpful table. We have covered all the major pieces of automotive glass, including windscreens, rear and side windows, vent glass and even sunroofs. If you’re looking to replace the glass on your car or van, this table can help as a useful guide as to the average cost of the work.