Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of some of the questions we feel you may want answering. We will add to this page from time to time, as more questions are presented to us.

What is myWindscreen about?

myWindscreen® is a registered trademark and the service is operated by Interactive Network Ltd. We are an all-in-one web-based quoting service for motorists wanting a fast, low-cost, quality windscreen repair, windscreen replacement, side or rear window replacement from qualified auto glaziers.

Will it cost me anything to use this site?

No. Use of the myWindscreen website is absolutely free. We've made it easy for you to request quotes from approved auto glaziers in your area, in just minutes. When you find a deal you like, we'll link you directly to the glazier so you can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Does my quote come directly to me from the auto glazier?

Yes. Your details are passed to the auto glazier, who will then deliver the quote directly to you. This means you will get a quote that best suits your needs, and the best possible price.

Are the auto glaziers both local to me and experienced?

Yes. We have a strict policy that only local, experienced auto glaziers can quote for our users. We are not interested in working with inexperienced technicians.

Can you bill my insurance provider?

Yes, most of our members are insurance approved. They will be able to handle all the necessary paperwork from beginning to end, and bill your insurer direct.

Is it cheaper to pay cash than to claim through my comprehensive insurance cover?

Occasionally it can be cheaper to pay cash than to claim through your insurer. Our members achieve this by contributing towards costs, and working to a smaller profit margin to save you money. The glaziers can explain this in further detail with you.

Should I phone my insurer?

No, most of our members have direct billing facilities and will do that for you. They'll simply bill your insurance provider direct for the work. They will need your insurance policy details (certificate of Motor Insurance). Our glaziers will always try to give you a discount towards your excess too.

Will a chipped or cracked windscreen cause an MOT test fail?

A small chip on a windscreen can cause it to crack, and can also lead to a vehicle failing an MOT test. It is important to get a quality windscreen repair before any MOT assessment.

Do you have a question that's not listed here?

We are always happy to help motorists in need of a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement. Give us a call on 0161 641 4374 or use the contact form