What To Do If You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

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Now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease in most parts of the UK, we are using our cars a bit more often than we have been able to of late. Getting out and about a bit more is naturally popular, and I’m sure everyone is enjoying the increased sense of freedom, even though we still need to stay local. Along with the increase in car use though, is an increase in people getting locked out of their cars. If you have a car with a traditional door and ignition key, it’s really easy to lock your keys into the car or the boot. Key fobs and keyless entry make it a bit more difficult to lock yourself out of the car, but it can still happen if the battery goes dead, or the key fob becomes faulty, and losing car keys comes naturally to some people. So, if you’re locked out of your car, what should you do?

What To Do If You Are Locked Out Of Your Car myWindscreen

Unless they happen to have served an apprenticeship as a car thief, most people’s first reaction to a vehicle lock-out is to break a pane of glass to gain access. According to our sources within the myWindscreen network, a side window is favourite. However, before you reach for a hammer or a house brick, think about it for a moment – breaking a window gets you into the car, but it also leaves you with other problems. Once you’ve broken in and recovered your keys, you will need to arrange for the window to be repaired, and quickly. You can’t leave your car insecure – a broken window is an invitation to a casual thief, and also lets in rain and weather which can spoil the interior of your car.

Getting a window replaced is easy, but is it necessary?

Getting a car or van side window replaced isn’t difficult – there are myWindscreen automotive glass technicians located all across the UK, and they are on hand to do precisely that. Skilfully and rapidly, they will remove all the old glass, and fit a suitable replacement there and then. However, why break a window at all when there is a workable and reliable alternative? We aren’t trying to do our vehicle glass technicians out of a job, but why not simply call out an auto locksmith?

Call out an auto locksmith

There are locksmiths situated all over the country who specialise in resolving car lock and key issues – they can handle just about anything from vehicle lock-outs and keys broken off in the ignition, to faulty key fobs and other vehicle lock related problems. Auto locksmiths usually offer a 7-day a week emergency response service, and they can often be with you in under 30 minutes. They will meet you wherever you happen to be stranded, and they carry all the latest equipment with them to enable them to access your vehicle without causing any physical damage. They can also offer practical help and sound advice on avoiding the same situation occurring again. In certain circumstances, they can even supply replacement keys on the spot. Surely, calling out a car or van locksmith has to be better than crudely smashing a window?

The next time you get locked out of your car, don’t panic – simply call on the expertise of your local auto locksmith.