Seven Good Reasons to Repair, Not Replace Your Windscreen

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If your windscreen has been damaged, getting it repaired rather than replaced is almost always the best option. Naturally, there are exceptions – your windscreen may have suffered catastrophic damage and been smashed completely, or may have gained a chip or crack within the vital central field of view area, and a repair is therefore impossible. If the damage is repairable, here are seven good reasons why you should call in a local technician via myWindscreen to repair your windscreen:

Seven Good Reasons to Repair, Not Replace Your Windscreen myWindscreen

1. It’s quicker to repair than to replace.

A windscreen repair can usually be done same day, typically takes around 30 minutes to complete, and you can drive away immediately after the repair. A windscreen replacement can take 2 hours or more – 30 to 60 minutes to fit, and then a further 60 minutes (or longer) when you cannot drive the vehicle, while the adhesive and sealant cures. The time difference can be significant when you are stranded away from home or trying to get to work.

There is also an additional consideration – if your vehicle is a little out of the ordinary (a prestige model, a classic motor, or a rare import) you may need to wait while the fitter sources a replacement windscreen, as there may not be one in stock, so a same day service may not be possible.

2. A repair can be completed almost anywhere.

Our windscreen technicians are able to come to your vehicle wherever it may be (so long as it’s in a safe location) and complete a repair, usually the same day and often within an hour. It isn’t that our technicians can’t fit a replacement windscreen out on the road, they certainly can. However, you will get a better result (and most windscreen technicians prefer it) if the new screen is fitted in an indoors environment, away from poor weather.

3. Modern repair techniques make the repair practically invisible.

A repair won’t affect the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle. In order to get the best out of a repair, get it done as soon after the damage has occurred as possible, before water dust and debris get trapped within the damaged area, and you should get a result that is hard, if not impossible to spot. Our myWindscreen technicians pride themselves on the high standard of their repairs.

4. A repaired windscreen is just as strong as the original.

The materials used in windscreen repair ensure that there are no weak spots that may compromise the strength, integrity and safety of the screen and therefore the vehicle. In fact, the repaired area will be stronger than the original structure.

5. You will retain all the features of the original windscreen.,

When a windscreen is replaced, if your vehicle is fitted with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), the cameras and sensors will need to be calibrated, which takes time and can only be done by an expert. Keeping the original screen and getting it repaired will usually mean you can avoid this step. In addition, unless you specify an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement windscreen, you may end up with an equivalent screen. An equivalent is a windscreen that has been made to the same quality standards as the OEM version, but usually more cheaply, and may not have all the features of the OEM screen which was designed for your specific vehicle.

6. It’s better for the environment.

A modern windscreen is made up of a variety of materials including safety glass, polymer, various coatings and sometimes metallic elements, which are all closely bonded together. This combination of different materials makes it difficult (but not impossible) to separate and recycle the component parts – the glass can’t be treated as simply as, say, bottle glass. Unfortunately, although the material from recycled windscreens has many uses, there are not enough commercial operations engaged in windscreen recycling. It’s a sad fact that once a replacement is fitted, many old windscreens end up in landfill, with all the associated environmental costs.

7. It’s cheaper to repair than to replace.

A repair will always cost less than a replacement, and most myWindscreen technicians offer repairs for a lower price than you would pay as an excess if you claimed on your insurance. But if you have glass cover on your insurance, surely they will pay for a replacement? It’s easy to think that you can get a replacement windscreen at no more than the cost of the excess, and many people do. However, making a claim for a replacement windscreen will probably result in a premium increase the following year, so you pay for it that way. It’s also worth bearing in mind that insurance companies make their profits by passing costs on to the end customer, so everyone ends up paying eventually.

A simple decision.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when making the decision on whether to repair or replace your damaged windscreen. However, one choice is simple – contact your nearest myWindscreen technician for a fast, affordable same day or next day windscreen repair or replacement.