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Mercedes A-Class windscreen replacement

Stylish, compact, and full of the luxury one would expect from German automobile giant Mercedes-Benz, the A-Class is a safe and reliable automobile at an attractive price point. The fourth-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class took first place in safety with the What Car? Safety Award in 2019, which only adds to the model’s many other awards and accolades in the UK and worldwide.

Owning such a luxurious and stylish vehicle comes with a great responsibility, however. Keeping the vehicle well-maintained and addressing problems such as cracked or shattered windscreens or side or rear glass should always be a priority for safety and security. Contact a reputable auto glazier near you in the UK using myWindscreen.

Interesting facts about the Mercedes A-Class

The A-Class model was first produced in 1997 as a compact car designed by Steve Mattin of Conventry University fame. Although Mercedes-Benz historically had a reason for their nomenclatures (e.g. S-Class ‘Special’), this had been abandoned a few years prior to the announcement of the A-Class.

The A-Class is sold in the UK as either a 5-door hatchback or a 4-door saloon. Engines can be either petrol, diesel, or petrol plug-in hybrid. Mercedes-Benz claims that the newest fourth-generation A-Class (from 2018) has the lowest aerodynamic drag in the world, but what is clear and certain is that both the saloon and hatchback variants have a sleek, beautiful aesthetic that exudes luxury and class. 

In general, the A-Class is a more affordable Mercedes-Benz model for budget-conscious car owners that want the full Mercedes-Benz quality without the nearly £100,000 price tag of the higher-end models.

The fourth-generation A-Class saloon and hatchback are both available in the following lines: Sport, Sport Executive Edition, AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition, and AMG Line Premium Plus Edition.

Mercedes A-Class side and rear window replacement

Mercedes owners should be taking very good care of their beautiful A-Class saloon/hatchback, no matter the age. This includes keeping the windscreen and side and rear glass clean and free of cracks or stone chips, but these problems tend to occur even with plenty of precautions and safe driving. Pebbles and stones as well as drastic temperature changes can inevitably cause stone chips and cracks to occur, and burglaries or attempted burglaries can result in shattered glass.

Although Mercedes-Benz do not manufacture their own glass (much like nearly every other major automotive manufacturer), they have understandably high standards for OEM glass for their various models. Saint Gobain Sekurit and other well-known manufacturers of automotive glass products tend to supply replacement windscreens and glass to Mercedes-Benz A-Class owners through reputable automotive glaziers found here on myWindscreen.

Not only should your windscreen replacement be of the highest possible quality aftermarket or OEM glass, but you must ensure that it is properly fitted by trained and experienced professionals. Again, myWindscreen has auto glaziers near you in the UK that are capable of taking good care of your A-Class.

Owners of newer Mercedes-Benz A-Class models, particularly the upper-end versions such as the AMG Line Premium Plus Edition, should also consider that the Driver Assistance package requires that any replacement windscreen be properly calibrated. The windscreen must be compatible with the code of Driver Assistance and thus your automotive glazier must be competent with ADAS calibration.

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