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Volkswagen Polo windscreen replacement

Good things often come in small packages, and the Volkswagen Polo is no slouch when it comes to features and utility wrapped in a compact supermini chassis. Since its inception in 1975, the Polo has gone through six generations to its current New Polo and Polo GTI models on sale in the UK today.

Although the Polo offers great value for money and comes in a fairly small frame, cracked or shattered windscreens can occur at any time and compromise the safety of you and your passengers. That’s why Polo owners should look no further than myWindscreen for quick, affordable windscreen repair and windscreen replacement services in the UK by professional auto glaziers.

Interesting facts about the Volkswagen Polo

When the Volkswagen Polo was first sold in the UK in 2010, it had surpassed 45,000 units sold and had become the sixth best-selling car in Britain. Since then and until 2021, the Polo has only increased in popularity and had become Britain’s fifth best-selling car.

In addition to catering to adventurous youth, families, and individuals simply in need of a reliable and affordable vehicle for commuting, the Polo is also frequently used with great success in motorsports and rally championships around the world. Street legal versions of the GTI and other high-end Polo models have marginally tuned down engines but still offer much of the excitement and joy of driving that these sporty championship versions offer.

Volkswagen Polo side and rear window replacement service

Although the Volkswagen Polo is consistently rated as a safe and reliable vehicle, a cracked windscreen can happen to anyone and at the most inopportune times. Attempted burglaries, errant rocks or stones kicked up from the highway, or rapid temperature changes can wear out the glass or outright shatter it.

Always ensure that your Volkswagen Polo is fitted with high-quality aftermarket or OEM glass and windscreens from reputable global manufacturers such as Saint Gobain Sekurit. If the glass is marked with the ‘VW’ logo, it’s made by an OEM manufacturer. Otherwise, ensure that the glass meets all British Standards for safety and security.

Higher-end variants of the New Polo such as the Polo GTI come standard equipped with driver-assist functionality, therefore requiring ADAS calibration and compatible windscreens. Partners listed on myWindscreen that are qualified to carry out ADAS calibration services can ensure that your Polo’s replacement windscreen is properly fitted and calibrated to keep you and your passengers safe and sound.

The Volkswagen Polo is currently available in the following trims and builds: Life, Style, R-Line, and GTI. 

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