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South Korean automotive giant Kia produces “Movement that inspires” through its many successful car and SUV models sold here in the UK and abroad. Best-selling models such as the Kia Sportage and Niro remain popular ‘budget’ vehicles of superbly reliable quality, although they are perhaps not as cheap as Kia’s ultra-economical offerings in the early 2000s. Alongside Ford, Kia is the only manufacturer with two of the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the UK in 2022.

Although Kia’s build quality has substantially improved in recent decades, each and every Kia model does require routine servicing and maintenance. Cracked or smashed windscreens or side and rear glass can cause a headache, but don’t fret because myWindscreen has automotive glaziers near you in the UK that are willing and able to provide affordable, speedy windscreen repair and windscreen replacement services.

Kia side and rear window replacement service

For many decades, Kia has been known for making budget-friendly vehicles such as the Kia Magentis which sold for £14,000 brand new. Brand new models such as the Kia Picanto or Rio can be had for even less, but boast excellent reliability and build quality for the money spent. Excellent value all around, but safety and security should always remain a priority for Kia owners (or any other make or model, for that matter).

Some new Kia models such as the All-New Sportage come with various technological features embedded in the windscreen, such as Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Junction Turning and Highway Driver Assist. If you need to have your front windscreen replaced, it is therefore essential that you have it calibrated properly by an ADAS qualified auto glazier found here on myWindscreen.

It is also important that owners choose automotive glaziers that supply high-quality OEM or aftermarket glass that meets all relevant standards. No matter whether it’s a rear windscreen or side door glass, high-quality glass installed professionally by licensed and trained automotive glaziers goes a long way to protect yourself and your passengers whilst on the road. Choose myWindscreen for the very best technicians that supply high-quality Kia glass, fitted professionally, and at affordable prices.

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About Kia

Kia is a South Korean automobile manufacturing company that originally produced metal parts and components in 1944. According to the company, its name in English derives from the characters ki ‘to arise’ + a ‘Asia,’ or “Arising from Asia.”

From 1957 to 1997, Kia produced many foreign models in addition to its own budget lines, such as the Kia Pride, Avella, Sephia, and Sportage. In 1998, the company was acquired by Hyundai Motor Company after it had declared bankruptcy in the previous year.

Kia is the second-largest vehicle manufacturer in South Korea only after its parent company, Hyundai. The manufacturer is known for offering reliable budget cars and SUVs such as the Kia Sportage, Seltos, Rio, Forte, and Sorento.

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