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Kia Sportage windscreen replacement

South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia seldom disappoints in terms of innovation and success, much of that success in recent decades owing to the Kia Sportage. This compact SUV offers much of the comfort and style of driving an SUV whilst keeping the relatively budget-friendly price tag that many Kia models are known for.

Driving a new or used Kia Sportage can be a joy, but that joy can quickly dissipate if you ever find your windscreen or side or rear glass cracked or shattered. Keep your beloved Kia Sportage safe and sound with quality windscreen repair and windscreen replacement services found right here on myWindscreen.

Interesting facts about the Kia Sportage

As of February 2022, the Kia Sportage was ranked the second most popular vehicle in the UK with 4,134 new vehicle registrations and trailing only slightly behind the number one car, the Vauxhall Corsa.

Regarding Kia in general, much of their production in the 1980s-2000s was foreign vehicles. The Sportage borrows the Mazda Bongo platform in engineering design since Kia was working with Ford and Mazda decades ago before becoming themselves a major producer.

The first Kia Sportage models rolled off the line in 1993 as both a SUV and convertible with very disappointing results as shown in the low sales figures. Since then and starting in 2021, the Kia Sportage is now in its fifth generation with around 69,000 units sold in Europe in 2020.

Since 2016, the Kia Sportage has become Kia’s best-selling model, beating out the Kia Rio.

The fifth-generation Kia Sportage is available in the following grades: Sportage 2, Sportage GT-Line, Sportage 3, Sportage 4, and Sportage GT-Line S. The Sportage 3, Sportage 4, and GT-Line S variants are all available as hybrids as well. Kia’s Sportage line comes in either Kia’s Mild Hybrid, Hybrid Electric, or Plug-in Hybrid as alternatives to petrol.

Kia Sportage side and rear window replacement service

The All-New Kia Sportage and previous generations sold here in the UK have been quite a stellar success for the South Korean automobile manufacturer. This means that finding good quality replacement glass and replacement windscreens should be easy, especially when you choose a reputable auto glazier from myWindscreen.

Consider that the Kia Sportage, much like other SUVs and compact SUVs, tends to attract all sorts of debris such as stones and errant debris kicked up on the motorway right up against the windscreen due to the vehicle’s high profile. Repairing or replacing a windscreen tends to be unfortunately common with this model as a consequence.

Moreover, newer Kia Sportage models equipped with driver assist features require proper calibration. This means that in addition to finding high-quality aftermarket or OEM glass, you’ll also need to ensure that your automotive glazier is familiar and skilled with ADAS windscreen calibration.

Choose myWindscreen to find local, high-quality mobile automotive glaziers that can keep your Kia Sportage glass in great condition.

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