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Mini windscreen replacement

The Mini is an iconic marque, well known for its popularisation decades ago as Mr Bean’s car as well as the iconic car of the original The Italian Job. It’s a brand we all know and recognise here in Britain, and its fame abroad is also well-known. Mini is an automotive marque first built here in Britain in 1959, but since 2000 has belonged to Bavarian manufacturing giant BMW. The Mini line is manufactured at Plant Oxford, but some models such as convertibles are manufactured in the Netherlands.

Mini was the winner of the Sunday Times’ Motor Awards 2020 ‘Best British-Built Car of the Year’ and according to Jeremy Clarkson was “ of the best cars I’ve driven all year” despite some flaws.

Interesting facts about the Mini

Mini remains one of the most popular and well-known cars in the UK and has consistently been named as the most popular British car of all time. Its popularity is exemplified by the nearly 500 Mini clubs in the UK, as well as its historic and recent sales estimates.

According to new vehicle registrations in 2021-2022, Mini was the third most popular vehicle in the UK year to date with 4,088 new registrations. In February 2022 alone, Mini was the second most popular vehicle with 1,775 new registrations, just a couple hundred less than the most popular model, the Vauxhall Corsa.

The Mini line from 1959-2000 (upon acquisition by BMW) were simply named from Mark I to Mark VII, each successor showcasing modifications and often improvements on previous iterations.

‘New’ Mini vehicles from 2000 to today generally go by three main categories: One as an entry-level model, sportier Cooper and Cooper S models, and high-end John Cooper Works (JCW) models.

The newest line from 2022 includes: Mini Electric, Mini 3-Door Hatch, Mini 5-Door Hatch, Mini Convertible, Mini Clubman, Mini Countryman, Mini Countryman Plug-In Hybrid, and the John Cooper Works line.

Mini side and rear window replacement service

Owing to their signature contour, Mini vehicles tend to have highly vertical windscreens and windows that unfortunately attract a lot more debris and therefore tend to crack or experience stone chips more easily.

Combined with the fact that this vehicle is very popular here in the UK, it means that Mini owners often experience cracked or shattered windscreens. The good news, however, is that most reputable windscreen repair and windscreen replacement companies in the UK keep a good inventory of Mini windscreens. OEM manufacturers in the UK are Saint Gobain Securit, or in some newer models, FUYAO has been chosen as the OEM manufacturer.

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About Mini

Mini is an automotive marque originally used for car models produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1959. The marque was subsequently owned by British Leyland then Rover Group, ultimately being acquired by BMW in 2000. The current line of Minis are mostly manufactured at Plant Oxford; convertibles are manufactured in the Netherlands.