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Toyota Yaris windscreen replacement

As one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, Toyota has a huge range of vehicles to choose from. While the Toyota Corolla remains its most popular in terms of sales in the UK, the compact and sporty Toyota Yaris is no slouch when it comes to great value and performance in a sleek little chassis.

Owning a Toyota Yaris should be an enjoyable experience, zipping around town and on motorways. Keeping your Yaris performing well and looking great whilst keeping you and passengers safe means that you’ll need to have it routinely serviced and maintained, including windscreen repair and windscreen replacement services when misfortunate occurs. With myWindscreen, finding a reliable auto glazier near you in the UK is a breeze.

Interesting facts about the Toyota Yaris

As the spiritual successor to last century’s Toyota Tercel and Starlet, the Toyota Yaris first rolled off the manufacturing line in 1999 and is currently (as of 2020) in its fourth generation. Although there is now a Toyota Yaris Cross compact SUV, this page only considers the Yaris hatchback and its related variants.

This 5-door hatchback is compact and agile, according to Toyota and its many satisfied owners would most certainly agree. For a supermini, the Yaris does offer maximum interior space due to its efficiently-designed interior.

As of 2020, the Toyota Yaris has surpassed sales of 8.71 million units worldwide, with nearly 180,000 units sold in Europe in 2020 alone and nearly 60% of all sales being for the Hybrid variant.

The Toyota Yaris is currently available in the following grades: Icon, Design, Excel, and GR Sport.

Among the various GR performance variants, there are three turbocharged GR models for pure performance.

Toyota Yaris side and rear window replacement service

Whenever you need to have your windscreen replaced for a Toyota Yaris (or most other Toyota models, for that matter), the good news is that due to the prevalence of Toyota in the UK and worldwide, finding a supplier of high-quality aftermarket or OEM glass shouldn’t be too challenging.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that you have your windscreen or side or rear glass for your Toyota Yaris repaired or replaced by a licensed and experienced professional. Auto glaziers found here on myWindscreen offer competitive rates for top-notch services, including for Toyota Yaris models.

Newer Toyota Yaris models come equipped with various driver assist features, called Toyota Safety Sense. This complicates the matter of windscreen replacement since the embedded sensors require careful calibration. Fortunately, the qualified technicians found here on myWindscreen can, for the most part, provide ADAS calibration to ensure that your remain safe whilst your driver assist functionality remains intact.

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